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October 6, 2020
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August 15, 2021


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Udvartanam an unique concept of dry body massage/ dry body brushing in Ayurveda is truly a blessing for mankind. Udvartanam means 'to move something upwards', as urdhva defines upward and vartanam means to move. Here the massage is done with authentic Ayurvedic dry herbal powders in an upward direction i.e. from below upwards in the direction oppposite to that of the body hair. Udvartan a soap free cleanser, is a traditional combitional of herbs and pulses that gently exfoliate and removes dead skin cell, gives a silky smooth texture to your skin all day long. It stabilizes and normalizes the Agni (Bhrajaka Pitta) which is responsible for skin immunity, relieves tandra(laziness), sweda haram(removes excess sweat and body odour), Siramukhaviviktam (opens the blocked channels and enables free circulation of nutrients), Kantikaram (provides good shine and complexion).

  • Gentle exfoliates and polishes the skin, regulates the blood flow, cleanses, and gives a smooth soft silky skin texture instantly.

    It prevents premature aging and helps reduce the cellulite.

  • Ingredients

    Horsegraam, Kushtha, Usheer, Dalchini with explanation.


    Kulatha known by the regional names kulthi beans, hurali, Madras gram in india is a the most protein rich lentil. Well known for its astringent property , horsegram is an excellent kapha nashak, acts as antibacterial, gets rid of water retention in the body, beats stubborn fat cells and cellulite , deals with deep purification and leaves entire skin supple and soft. Kulatha in Ayurveda is a Kapha nashak, eliminating extra sebum, oilyness and is a natural exfoilator that combats sweating and is an excellent antiobesity herb too.


    Cinnamon commonly called dalchini is a natural skin lightening herb that fades away scars and blemishes brings blood flow to skin surface and clears toxins from the skin. Dalchini pacifies Kapha - vaat dosha that brings the blood to skin surface, helps in getting rid of fine lines and signs of aging. Dalchini in Ayurveda helps to increase OJAS that which is responsible for the immunity, strength and vitality of the body.


    Usheer known as Indian Vetiver is a super herb in Ayurveda is cooling in nature that calms the Pitta dosha and also pacifying Vata dosha because of its calming quality of its Aroma. It is a complexion enhancing herb that immensely nourishes skin, moiturises instantly and protects skin from environmetal stressors. It reduces inflammation, burning sensation, bacterial growth and is known as Twakadoshahar (eliminates skin disorders).

  • 1) Take 2-3 tablespoon of Udvartan making a paste with water and gently scrub on entire body.
    2) Wash it off with warm water and relish your daily bath.
    3) For dry skin use Udvartan after Abhyanga- Oil Massage.
    4) Use as dry granules without water to reduce stagnant meda(fat reserves) in the body.
    5) Follow with the application of Navneet body butter.
    100% Ayurvedic Cruelty free Made in India.

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