Kshumat | Hair nourishing oil

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October 6, 2020
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Kshumat | Hair nourishing oil

50 ml

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Kshumat hair nourishing oil is prepared by an ancient technique (Tail siddhikaran) scripted in the classical Ayurvedic texts with the heavenly blend of Japakusum, Amalaki, Kumari and Coconut Milk to bring back the vitality within. It nouorishes the roots and is effective for hair loss and scalp problems. It is a profound hair oil treating the deep rooted hair follicles, strengthens it, lushes the hair growth and gives the right moisture to the scalp. With the fusion of handchosen fresh herbs from the farms and Murchhita sesame oil its a elite for your one would love to treasure.

  • Strengthens the hair cuticle, smoothes the hair shaft and gives an intense nourishment to the scalp to boost hair growth.

    Adds lustre to damaged dry frizzy hair and helps protect the hair from damage.

    Safe for treated hair.

    Completely natural and free from any chemicals.

    Suitable for all hair types.

  • Ingredients

    Murchchit til tail-Sesame oil, kalonji oil-Black cumin seed Oil, Coconut milk, Fresh Japakusum-Hibiscus, Kumari-Aloe vera and Amalaki- Amla


    Hibiscus are rich in amino acids that are necessary for producing keratin, building blocks of hair. its rich in vitamin C that improves the blood circulation under scalp to stimulate hair growth full of antioxidants and vitamins necessary for the production of melanin, the pigment that gives the hair its natural colour.


    Kumari or Aloe vera contains proteolytic enzymes which repairs calms itchy scalp, deep cleans dead skin cells on the scalp. It acts as a conditioner, strenthens and repairs hair strands,promotes hair growth, prevents itching and breakage. Kumari has chemical makeup similar to keratin that rejenuvates hair with its own nutrients, giving more elasticity and bounce.


    Amalaki popularly known in sanskrit ansd in ancient texts of Ayurveda has various meanings- mother, immortality, divyaushadi etc. Amla in Ayurveda is a cooling herb that reduces heat, balances the acids and boosts hair growth. A rich source of Vitamin C is a natural blood purifier helps hair shine, thickens hair, prevents frizziness and dandruff, strengthens the roots and a natural hair conditioner. Topical application delivers nutrients to enter the hair follicles and results in healthier locks. Its primary quality of Vayasthapana or Antiaging prevents premature greying by pacifying increased Pitta dosha fom the scalp.

  • 1) Massage Kshumat Hair nourishing oil gently on the scalp to let it penetrate into roots of your hair.
    2) Cover it with hot for 20 mins and rinse off hair.
    3) Massage the scalp gently with Kshumat nourishing oil from roots to tip.
    4) Leave it for half an hour to overnight and douche hair with a mild cleanser.
    100% Ayurvedic Cruelty free Made in India

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