Combos & Gifting

Foot care kit consist of,
1. Kshalan - Foot bomb/ foot tornado Dip the foot bomb in a peditub filled with warm water and soak your feet for 5-10mins and relax the sore feet. (3 pax)
2. Manthaj - Foot scrub After soaking, dry your feet and gently scrub with Manthaj foot scrub concentrating entire feet, ankle and inner toes for 3-5 mins. Exfoliation removes dead cells and flaky dry skin removes callous.(1 pack)
3. Shuchi - Foot cleanser After scrubbing , apply a paste of Shuchi foot cleanser with water and gently remove the scrub particles to deep cleanse skin and rinse off with plain water to remove the bacterial or fungal growth for a refreshed and happy feet.(1 pack)
4. Kalya - Foot balm Pat dry the feet and apply generous amount of Kalya foot balm on entire feet to moisturize and entrap the right hydration for soft and supple feet all day long.(1 pack)
Now available @ Rs 1299/-