About us

Our Story

Abode essence of Ayurveda

The primary determined vision of Dr. Rajesh Panchal (founder RUMRAVEDA) and our co-founders Dr. TejalPanchal & Dr. Minal Panchal, Dr. Naman sharma (Manufacturing head) is to promote the exertion of traditional culture of disciplined living through Ayurvedavin every dwellings and see the real change in the way we treat ourselves.

This foresight took a cohesive seed in their minds while possesing the 5 year academical course of Ayurveda by our founders (Ayurvedic consultants). The study of life, the correct way of living and the elective sense of this knowledge of beauty was earned and quickly it became the focal point of their journey.

Their experience of several years, expertise and the thrust will to share evolved the handcrafted 'RUMRAVEDA'.

Our Philosophy

नगरी नगरस्येव रथस्येव रथी यथा स्वशरीरस्य मेधावी क्रित्येश्ववाहीतो भवेतI

A wise being protects his health just like the king looks after his kingdom and the charioteer takes care of his chariot.

Yat pinde tat brahmande

All that is outside you is within you or the body is a miniature Universe. Which means we are made up of the same thing with which the entire Universe is composed i.e. the basic composition of our body cells and the universe is same. According to Ayurveda, everything in universe living or nonliving is associated and there is a deep intense connection between self and enviornment.

Hence this deep rooted alliance of nature and body is keenly studied to understand the application of the use of nature bound herbs in the best formulation for enhancing our lifestyle.

Vruddhi Samaane Sarvesham

The theory of Samanya has been used to convey unifying (Ekatvakaram), resemblance in substances is the cause of increase (vriddhikaranam). The matter of similar qualities combine to form the increase or the sum total of all the qualities.

Churning on this sutra, to combine the herbs (dravyas)of skin brightening or skin repairing properties(Varnya) together or herbs put together of Vata, Pitta & Kapha predominance to formulate products for various skin types to restore the authenticity.

Our Promise

स्वस्मै स्वल्पम् समाजाय सर्वस्म्I

A little bit for yourself and everything for others!

RUMRAVEDA ensures to reform the global picture by rescheduling our routines the natural way and create an awareness to identify all families raising their children with the basic age-old lifestyle of Ayurveda and embrace our ancient Indian treasure worldwide.

The authenticity of the products by preparing it using the certified ingredients from the texts is thoughtfully selected and the chanting of Ayurvedic Sutras while preparing or formulating creatives, the love of every individual with Satva Bhaav involved in making these elixirs or magical potions is worth its use.

Crafting your beauty dream reminds that we personally handcrafts the prerequisite of an individual of the beauty one can dream of!

We promise to bring you the natural way of living, in form of our beauty & wellness handcrafts - RUMRAVEDA.

We ensure as a responsible institution to use ecofriendly resources commiting to reduce the impact on the planet.

Our product range is formulated with the use of traditional herbs and ancient authentic preparational methods imparted in the Ayurvedic granthas.

We assure all our products are feasible, pure, completely natural, cruelty free, mineral oil & paraben free, for all skin types and a true satisfaction for your living

RUMRAVEDA products are intended to connect our users to the plants & mineral resource in which they are made from, to encourage each other to make space in our routine for the necessary ritual of self care. The awareness created to take care of ourselves & how we relate to the elements of the world, we rediscover our interconnection with natural world & its rhythmic cycle.