October 6, 2020
OSHTHAK | Lip Polisher
October 6, 2020

ARDRAY | Lip butter

8 gms

Rs. 180

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Ardray is derived from the word Aardrata in sanskrit that suggests- 'hydration or moisturising' and it aptly comforts to our super buttery lip moisturiser that instantly melts onto lips protecting the supple lip skin from dryness and capping. Yashtimadhu an intense nourisher and aids in depigmentation of lips and Manjishtha a skin saviour keeps lips healthy and luscious.

  • It moisturises, deeply hydrates and creates a layer on lips to protect from drying and chapping.

    This buttery lip moisturiser is light, non greasy that makes lips soft, smooth & healthy.

  • Ingredients

    Mango butter, Shea butter, Bees wax, Sweet Almond oil, Yashtimadhu and Manjishtha.


    Jethimadhu, Yashtimadhu, Mulethi or Licorice as famously known is an excellent natural emollient, protecting skin barrier from external factors. It is also Antitanning & Anti pigmentation herb that contains an active compound called Glabridin that effectively exhibits skin lightening effect.


    It also improves the microcirculation and a wonderdrug in Ayurveda for skin ailments.It is classified in Ayurveda as a Vishaghna(Antitoxic herb) and varnya (good for skin). It is a pittahara ingredient and useful in tissue related ailments. It helps in uneven pigmentation, improving complexion and deep detoxification. It simultaneously heals and rejeuvenates the skin.

  • Glide a generous amount of Ardray -lip butter onto lips daily morning and night or as often as needed.
    100% Ayurvedic Cruelty free Made in India

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