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October 6, 2020
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October 6, 2020

OSHTHAK | Lip Polisher

8 gms

Rs. 199

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Naturally formulated Oshthak lip polisher enriched with the goodness of Mint and honey is a repairing and nourishing lip care. Pure mint corrects the damage caused by the seasonal changes and honey the natural humectant moisturises and gently exfoliates the lips. As we exfoliate our entire body skin at regular intervals, there is a need of time to not miss our tender lip skin care. Polishing or exfoliating the lips make it healthier, correcting the dead skin and regeneration of cells. It makes lips smoother and perfect to bizz on other lip products.

  • Oshthak quickly buffs away dry and flacky lips and keeps it irresistably smooth and shiny.

    It Improves local blood circulation, exfoliates dead skin and helps in cell regeneration.

  • Ingredients

    Mint Sucrose, Sweet Almond oil, Avocado oil, Mint exts, Honey exts.

    Mint or Pudina

    Mint or Pudina in Ayurveda is kapha vata shamak hence deals with dry skin. It is a potent natural chemical exfoliator containing salicyclic acid that gentle exfoliates heals cracked lips, gives a soothing & refreshing effect, improves the blood circulation giving a pink tinge to flaunt around!


    Honey a natural humectant helps to pull moisture in and hold on in the cells. It is an excellent chemical exfoilator containing Gluconic acid that gently exfoliates and gives a brighter tone.

  • 1) Pinch a small amount of Oshtak Lip polisher and gently massage your lips in circular motions for a minute.
    2) Wipe it off with cotton pad or rinse off with water .
    3) Follow up with Ardray - lip butter for complete lip care.
    100% Ayurvedic Cruelty free Made in India

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