September 20, 2020
October 6, 2020

Pralep | Face Mask

35 gms

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The traditional therapy of externally applying Ayurvedic herbal preparation is called Lepanam. Ancient methods of beautification includes applying these herbal pastes on the face called Mukhalepanam. Pralep is a purifying and deep cleansing lepa (face mask) made with potent sun dried herbs including Amalaki, Mulethi, Anantamool and Multani mitti (Fuller's Earth). It helps achieve one's innate varna (skintone), and aids vayasthapana (Antiaging).

  • Gentle on delicate skin.

    It detoxifies the skin, pacifies pigmentation, gives a fresh, brighter look and helps achieve a lighter skin tone and deals with blemishes.

    It soothes the skin, heals Acne, improves elasticity and helps tighten the open enlarged pores.


    Amalaki defines 'the sustainer', that which heals, enhances energy, and the most potent among rejuvenating herbs. Its therapeutic benefit of Vayasthapan that is it restores premature aging, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and age spots.It is used as a coolant herb as it pacifies Pitta dosha.Its a natural blood purifier that fights toxins and keeps dead skin cells and occurence of Acne at bay. A rich source of Vitamin C and Antioxidants that helps collagen perform in right way, improving the skin quality and making it intact and young. It has properties such as Ajara- usefull in aging, Ayushprada - prolongs cell life, Sandhaniya- improves cell migration and cell binding, Kantikara- improves complexion. It increases ojas, that it enhances energy, immunity and fertility.


    Yashtimadhu - the sweet root is an essential emollient due to its 'snigdha' or oily property exhibiting skin brightening and smoothening action on skin. Its a boon from Ayurveda, a natural skin lightener that contains actives like glabridin which protects skin from hyper pigmentation, blemishes and black spots.It pacifies vata-pitta dosha, calms down redness, puffiness and itching. It treats inflammation, firms and tightens the skin.


    The roots of Anantamool or Sariva is one of those herbs that you just fall in love with, the more you experience it. It has been classified under Sugandhi dravya( aromatic herbs), Varnya(Improves complexion), Dahaprashamana(Relieving burning sensation). though anantamool is tridosha shamak, it mainly pacifies pitta dosha (heat in the body) and purifies the blood treating all skin disorders.

  • 1) Blend 2-3 teaspoons of PRALEPA (face mask) into slight thick and a smooth paste using Rumraveda pure rosewater (oily skin), milk or fresh cream( dry skin) and Aloe vera juice or honey (acne prone or itchy skintype).
    2) Apply on the face evenly and leave on until it begines to dry.
    3) Rinse to clean and pat dry.
    CAUTION: Different skin types react differently to natural products. Kindly conduct a patch test before application. 100% Ayurvedic Cruelty free Made in India

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